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Biopolymer- and Peptide-Based Therapeutics and Chemical/Biochemical Analysis

Our group works on research projects in the areas of Biopolymer- and Peptide-Based Therapeutics and Chemical/Biochemical Analysis.  We utilize the power of organic synthesis, cell-free protein synthesis, and data-enabled approaches to:

     i) understand and solve problems in these areas from the conceptual and methodological levels; and

    ii) develop molecular tools for diseases therapy and low-cost analytical methods.

Students in the Yoshimatsu lab gain the skills to perform research in one or more of the areas described above.  In other words, each student will have an opportunity to work either on a project that focuses on one of these research areas or on an interdisciplinary project that allows for acquiring a broad set of skills.

Click here for more information on our current projects.

Organic synthesis
Disease Therapy &
Low-Cost Analytical Methods
Cell-free protein synthesis
Data-enabled approaches

Our Lab Philosophy

We are here to catalyze intellectual and professional development of all lab members, through our research efforts to push the boundary of human knowledge, demonstrate new opportunities, and make the world a better place.

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